About Us

Westgate Youth Project offers a range of outcomes based learning activities that support young people in a holistic way, exploring their creative, physical, economic, educational and emotional well-being, whilst ensuring individuals achieve, develop their capabilities and are supported to reach their full potential.

Westgate Youth Project is about…..

–  working with 10 to 19 year olds to raise aspirations and support their personal journey

–  being inclusive; offering an equality of access for young people regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual identity and/or disability;

–  offering challenging, fun activities which allow for young people to engage in informal education, develop positive relationships and increase personal and social skills;

–  delivering a broad, robust and dynamic curriculum of activities that include healthy choices, participation, challenging prejudice, creativity, emotional well being and information and guidance;

–  providing opportunities for young people to gather and socialise in safe spaces during evenings, weekends, school holidays;

–  promoting positive relationships between young people and the wider community;

–  empowering young people;

– creating opportunities for developing confidence, new skills and interpersonal relationships;

– celebrating young people’s achievements and offering routes for the local and national recognition of young people’s learning through awards.

– ensuring youth workers are appropriately trained and competent using NYA Professional and National Occupational Standards for Youth Work as a guide.

– safeguarding young people.