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1 in 10 young people experience mental health issues

February 2, 2015

1 in 10 young people experience mental health issues. It’s not about age, ethnicity, sexuality, gender or anything else. It can affect anyone, at anytime. Often, it can be scary and lonely place to find yourself in.

There are so few services around that support young people who are experiencing mental health issues that I thought I would share this great website – Time to Change.

The website has a dedicated section for young people, as well as advice for parents who are worried about their child.

The best bit is the young people’s blogs. This lets real young people talk about their experiences which not only starts the debate about what support is needed, but also lets other young people know they are not alone.

Take a look:

And remember, a youth worker is a good place to start should you ever need someone to listen 🙂